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Deep Blue in Los Cabos, Baja California Mexico
Deep Blue in Los Cabos, Baja California Mexico.
Los Cabos, Mexico Dive sites and conditions.
Los Cabos, Mexico Dive sites and conditions.
Enjoy the Underwater Photos of Los Cabos, Mexico.
Enjoy the Underwater Photos of Los Cabos, Mexico.
Not certified diver, but want to try scuba.
Not certified diver, but want to try scuba.
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Oscar Hernandez
SSI Dive master
Deep Blue Manager
Birthday 25/July/1971
Age 35 years old
Nationality Mexican (Leon)

Become dive master in Los Cabos Mexico ten years ago.
He did Japanese language studies in Mexico and also in Japan, so his Japanese is very good.
He is easygoing and very good with the people. His customers are always satisfied.
He did rescue 2 humpback whales from fisherman nets few years ago and got recognition from PADI project aware. He is really proud of that.
He speaks Spanish, English and Japanese.
Oscar Hernandez
Sachiko (Oscar's wife)
Sakura (Sachiko & Oscar's daughter)
Deep Blue Office work
Birthday 27/January/1967
Age 39 years old
Nationality Japan (Osaka)

She is in charge of the office when everybody is out. And also she does the Deep Blue public relations in Japan.
Almost ten years ago, she came for the first time to Cabo San Lucas and since then she is in love with it.
Deep Blue Little pet
Birthday 12/September/2004
Age 2 years old
Nationality Mexican (Los Cabos)

She is the youngest one of the team.
She wants to help Daddy when she is older.
This year she will jump to the ocean for the first time.
Gonzalo Fonseca
Gonzalo Fonseca
PADI Diving instructor
Birthday 11/January/1966
Age 40 years old
Nationality Mexican (Sonora)

He is been instructor for 15 years and he was diving guide since he was 23 years old.
He is excellent and very patient with his students. He become instructor in Cozumel Mexico and worked in several diving destinations in Mexico.
He wants to protect the ocean and the Cabo San Lucas underwater environments for the new generations.
He also was the hyper baric Chamber operator for several years in Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel Mexico, and in Phuket Thailand. He studied the decompression sickness in the Duke University.
His passion is the photography and he likes to play a lot with the Adobe Photoshop program.
He speaks English and Spanish.
He works for Deep Blue since 2 years ago.
Luis Miguel Bringas
PADI Dive master
Birthday 02/February/1972
Age 34years old
Nationality Mexican (Queretaro)

He loves all kind of animals and of course he will die to protect them,
Really good dive master and patient with the customers.
His passion is the underwater photography and the diving in Mexico.
He is been working for Deep Blue since 5 years ago.
He speaks English and Spanish.

Favorite phrase : you can go home.

Hated phase : rinse all the gear.
Luis Miguel Bringas
Masami Asai
Masami Asai
PADI Dive master and photographer 1000 dives done
Birthday 13/November/1974
Age 31years old
Nationality Japan (Aichi Prefecture)

Studies of photography at Tokyo photography school.
He did participate in a National Geographic photo contest during this year.
Few years ago, when he was traveling for Latin America he felt in love with the scuba diving here in Baja California, Mexico.
Now he is part of the Deep Blue professional staff.

Specialist : In getting drunk since he wakes up, very good imitator of people and fish.

Favorite phrase : The food is ready!! All you can drink.

Hated phrase: Hey, carry this scuba tank!! At least wash the dishes.
Juan Zepeda
Deep Blue Boat Captain
Birthday 11/January/1942
Age 62 years old
Nationality Mexican (Puerto Vallarta)

He is one of the most experiment dive boat captains in Cabo San Lucas.
He use to work when he was young in Puerto Vallarta area as a fisherman until he was 40 years old, then he came to Cabo San Lucas with all his family and since that time he decided to work for dive shops and snorkeling cruises.
His passion is the sport fishing and he does it very good.
Juan is 62 years old but he is strong as a 40 years old guy.
His eyes are the best when we need to look for the whales in the time of whale watching.
He is working for Deep Blue since we opened the shop.
Juan Zepeda
In case you need further information, please contact Deep Blue in Los Cabos Mexico
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